What Is the Latest Innovative Selling Strategy?

What is the latest, innovative, selling strategy? 

I get asked this question a lot, as “innovative sales strategy” often times ends up being code for “what really cool, funky thing can we try to stay ahead of the pack?” Well, I have worked with companies who have brought breakfast to prospective clients in hopes of getting in the door. Others have told tales of reps waiting in the elevator, riding up and down waiting for the decision maker to walk in. I have seen a lot of companies send “two part gifts,” where you received the second part of the gift once you met with the account executive. All of these can be great strategies and fun, successful gimmicks. However, the best overall strategy I have seen work over and over again, and the one most recommended to our clients by us is a crazy strategy called “do what you say you are going to do.”

I’m not trying to be funny here. Think of the people you like to work with–do they show up to appointments on time and prepared? Do they call you when they say they will? Do they find answers when they don’t know them and then get back to you? I know this sounds very basic and quite frankly the stuff you learned in grade school, but it works. Too often we have become OK with poor follow up and other verbal and non-verbal signals that your business doesn’t matter to them.

There will always be someone out there who can do it cheaper, have a larger company, and be able to shower our clients with more gifts, but ultimately our clients work with us and trust their sales goals to us because we care about them and their success and because we do what we say we will and if we can’t for some reason, we let them know that too.


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One Response to “What Is the Latest Innovative Selling Strategy?”

  1. Weretyl Inc. Says:

    I agree. Of course, what happens when your company provides a niche service that is currently entering competition that is just as honest and reliable as your own? What I think is more important is how to get your foot in the door, because although it is nice to retain current clients, what we look for is expansion.

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