Look Who’s Tweeting: Learning to Better Implement the Social Media

I had a meeting Wednesday with our social media intern, the topic of which basically was that I don’t blog, tweet, or tell the world what I am doing enough. I like and respect our social media intern, Daniel Nuccio. He is a bright kid who really knows his stuff, and the reason that we hired him was that after sitting through several seminars and talks on social media, I learned two very important things: (1) we really need to get involved with social media more than we have been, even if it is just to evaluate for ourselves if it is a way for us to find new clients or if it is just a fad; and (2) I was probably never going to put the time in by myself to do this right.

There are many reasons for me to have come to the second conclusion, everything from being a small business owner (which in my world means wearing several hats from the “big boss” and managing our inside and outside sales reps and sales management team to being the guy who makes sure the garbage is taken out in the office) to believing that although I’m probably a decent enough guy, most people don’t want to about every breath I take or every move I make. According to Daniel, that is not the case. He assured me that people want to know more about me and about Randolph Sterling, Inc. than just that we are a sales management and outsourced sales company or when our next peer advisory group meeting is going to be held. I greatly enjoy developing relationships with clients but am used to doing it one on one, face to face, not so much in the public eye. I can understand people would potentially be interested in me talking about the trade show I went to yesterday and the program we are running for trade show follow up, or my trip down to our Raleigh office to evaluate some software we plan to implement to help us stay in better contact with our clients, but do people really want to know about the great day I had on Saturday when I ended up shopping for a one year old’s Bob Marley t-shirt (who knew they even existed?) instead of a new car? Are the people searching for articles that include Bob Marley looking for the kind of sales help I can provide?

I promised Daniel that I would make a more conscious effort to write more—heck one day I can put all of this together and write that second book that has been eluding me—but now this brings up a whole new problem: I’m a sales guy at heart, always have been, always will be. I’ve been selling since I was a little kid trying to convince my parents to let me stay up an hour later at bedtime (I guess I was pretty good back then since now I never seem to get enough sleep). How in the heck am I going to be able to “tweet?” 140 characters, really? As a sales guy, I like to paint a picture. Ask any of us what time it is and you will most often get a little bit about how to build a clock. I did make a promise so I will start with some random parts of my life since Saturday:

  • Had a great day today…had planned on looking for a car but ended up having the best day in months looking for a present for a one year old. Company does matter.
  • Had fun watching football today, but think my Roethlisberger jersey has been cursed—Steelers lost and I got heckled by a Cincinnati fan!
  • Busy day in the office…have had good success on Aaron Equipment project but know more about waste treatment than anyone should!
  • Getting ready for the holiday rush. It is always a busy time for us when companies push to reach their sales goals and ask us for help.
  • That’s right, the holidays are coming! Time to start planning my holiday display for the house and the Toys for Tots drive.
  • Working on the website…has needed an update for some time now. Want it to be more interactive for clients. What would you like to see on it?
  • Have been bouncing around ideas for a charity event—something I have wanted to do for years. We should all be giving back
  • Just finished a day talking to clients about next year. In an hour was an “expert” in sales of tech, mfg., accounting, and staffing. I love the diversity of our clients.
  • Went to a trade show for a client. Saw some good opportunities for him, but even more for us. Will be going back tomorrow with Art.
  • Customer service matters. After sitting in traffic for 2 hours in Chicago on my way to McCormick Place. Parking lot attendant from yesterday remembered me & welcomed me back.
  • Sat in on a social media presentation at FabTech show in Chicago…ok, ok, I promise to tweet more!
  • Art made some good connections at FabTech for sales management and for having our team follow up on leads for them. Now let’s turn them into business.
  • Ran into my buddy Brad from softball as I was leaving the trade show. Talked a bit about biz and I think I have a good connection for him!
  • Played basketball 2 nights in a row and can still walk! Tuesday played great defense and Wednesday I scored a lot. Always enjoy playing ball with the guys.
  • Up early and off to the Raleigh office for a few days. Hoping to close deal to provide SAM Peer Advisory Groups for Business Clubs of America.
  • Have you ever been sitting on a plane, ready to take off only to have your plane go “out of service?” What does that mean exactly?
  • I like biographies so now I am reading Alonzo Mourning’s autobiography. Courageous, charitable, inspirational man. We can all learn from people like this.
  • Finally found us another plane…but this one has maintenance problems! Apparently the big problem was no water for coffee. Coffee…really?
  • Up safely in the air as I write this article and again wonder why I fly so much. I should hit Platinum status on my next flight. I like seeing clients face to face though.

So there they are, my random thoughts. I hope this gives you just a little bit more insight into me. I promise to write more and please, make comments so I can get to know you all better.


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