Did you see mommy kissing Santa Claus? Help us find a better Holiday song and win a $25 gift card!

OK, so I finally went out and bought an iPhone, much to the delight of my good friend, iPhone app developer extroidenaire, and client, Alex Bratton, CEO of Lextech Global Services. My plan was to just use it for business purposes, so when I was assisting Alex in bringing in new clients, I could show them some of his apps (if you Google “most expensive iPhone apps,” you will find some of the solutions Alex and his team have provided.) That plan lasted about 48 hours, or until I found the free Pandora app.

For those of you not familiar with Pandora, it is basically an Internet radio station where you pick the music that you like and it will find more like it. Very cool, actually. Since it is the holiday season, I decided to set it to my “Rockin’ Holidays” preference so I can hear songs like Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and, well practically anything by Trans Siberian Orchestra or Manheim Steamroller. Unfortunately, my least favorite holiday song came on “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” (If you clicked on the link, did you see how bad it was?)

It doesn’t matter what artist plays this song, I just have a problem with it. Seriously, who decided it was good to write a song about a little kid seeing his mom kissing Santa? Isn’t life confusing enough for kids already? Back in the day, all we had to worry about was whose house we were going to play at or trying to figure out how our parents somehow walked to and from school uphill in the worst weather climate possible. Now we have to add in concerns that our mom might be fooling around with Santa?

“What a laugh it would have been, if daddy had walked on in…” are you kidding me? A laugh, really? Where are our values? If I someday meet Miss Right and she becomes Mrs. Burghgraef, and we have kids, I really hope one day I don’t come home from a long day’s work to have Junior come up to me and say…”Hey dad, you will never guess what happened today. I came downstairs and saw Mom smooching with a guy in a red suit, grey beard, and about 50 lbs. overweight.” What are we teaching our kids?

That’s why I stick with the simple songs. Bruce asking “The Big Man,” Clarence Clemons, if Santa is going to bring him a new saxophone; and then later in the song you hear him laugh as he belts out “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!” I hope it is because he is having a great time doing the song and not because he just caught his wife kissing Santa (see, I just can’t get over that!)

How about David Bowie and the late, great Bing Crosby singing “Little Drummer Boy?” Can you find an odder pairing this side of Frank Sinatra and Cyndi Lauper, but they make it work into one of the most beautiful Christmas songs out there. How about the “old time classics” like Gene Autry doing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” or Burl Ives crooning about “Holly Jolly Christmas?”

What is your favorite? We’d like to know.

Please send us an email to info@randolphsterling.com (put Christmas as the subject), or post your answer as a comment here, telling us what your favorite Christmas song is and why. The winner (here is your chance to convince our staff why your favorite should be “the favorite”) will win a $25 gift certificate for a local restaurant as well as an autographed copy of my book “Closing the Deal: Hot Sales Strategies That Make Money.” You Have till Christmas day!

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night!


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One Response to “Did you see mommy kissing Santa Claus? Help us find a better Holiday song and win a $25 gift card!”

  1. Daniel Nuccio Says:

    I do not believe I qualify to enter the contest, but I felt like I would make my own Holiday song suggestion anyway.

    My favorite holiday song is the future Holiday classic “Chiron Beta Prime” by Jonathan Coulton about how the Holiday spirit conquers all, even in the most difficult of times.


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