Thanks to the Niles Chamber of Commerce for a Nice Christmas Party

This December the Niles Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual holiday party, which is a great opportunity to not only network but to catch up with friends. This year, I invited Art and Daniel to join me at the festivities. Never too much holiday cheer for Randolph Sterling, Inc., especially when there are clients and prospects to catch up with. It is a great way to enjoy each other’s company and just get to know each other in a “less business” setting. People will buy form people they know, like, and trust, you have heard me say many times.

I had an opportunity to spend time with three of my favorite people at the chamber: past president Bob Ryan form Express Employment Professionals, Executive Director Katie Schneider, and newly installed president, Joe Walsh from Access Benefit Solutions.

Bob Ryan and I got to become friends simply as a result of getting to know each other at chamber meetings. As president, Bob attended every event, a very difficult task if it was all you had to do, but Bob and wife Sheila also have to run their own business.  As chairman of the Niles Marketing Committee and stints as Second VP and first VP on the chamber board, I sat next to Bob a lot. Bob is a class act. He is “Mr. Niles” and what you see is what you get with him. What makes him successful is that he is very down to earth. I don’t get to see Bob as much as I would like, but every time is a joy.

Katie Schneider is the Executive Director at the chamber. Without her, along with her team at the chamber office, nothing would ever get done. Katie teases me because she can guess my age simply by the CDs in my car when I take her out for lunch to discuss chamber business (apparently, if you have a Van Halen CD, you are probably in your late 30’s. She was right on target so I guess it is true!) She and husband Andrew are just wonderful, kind people and she has done so much for me personally to help Randolph Sterling, Inc. grow over the years. She has become a good friend.

Watching Joe Walsh get “installed” as the chamber president this year was a little bittersweet. Joe is absolutely the right man for the job and will do a great job in taking the chamber to new levels in membership and services. I look forward to seeing what he will bring to the chamber in 2010. The bittersweet part comes in that originally 2010 was going to be the year I was Niles Chamber president.

I had been on the chamber board and moved up the ranks, however after chairing the Niles Night of Roses Committee and co-hosting the event, I realized that there was no way I would be able to be chamber president with my work schedule the way it has been. With Raleigh booming and me still the main person there, it was tough to get back for chamber events and give it the time and energy necessary. Randolph Sterling, Inc. and my clients always come first.

Thanks again to the Niles Chamber for a great event and for helping Randolph Sterling, Inc. to continue to grow. We look forward to great things in 2010.


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