Marketing or Sales? The Good Companies Do Both!

One of the first questions we ask a client when we start working with them is what does their ideal client look like to them? What are the characteristics that they all share? It is a simple enough question but sometimes very difficult to answer as many of these traits are not exactly something you can search a database for.

One characteristic we noticed in our clients is an understanding of the difference between marketing and sales and the ability to use both effectively together rather than one over another.

I began taking marketing classes 20 years ago and have been selling since I tried to convince my parents to let me stay up an extra half hour at age 7. I have heard many definitions of marketing and sales but the best one I have heard, and the one that I use is this: marketing brings companies to you while sales has you going to the company. This article, for example, is an example of marketing. My hope is that you may read it and say “wow, Randolph Sterling, Inc. can really help me grow my business. I should talk to them,” and you give us a call or send us an email asking to be a client. It is also a sales lead tool as well because let’s face it, how many people are going to do what I described? Some maybe, but being a sales guy, I need to be more proactive.

As part of our “quick start” sales program that we have developed, we will get a report of who read this article, for example, or who looked at our website or any of our marketing efforts and reach out to them. We will thank them for their interest and offer them any additional information they may want on the article, the company, one of our clients, etc. While we have them, we will also see if there are opportunities where we might be able to help.

So which do you think is more effective:

  1. A strong marketing program which attracts buyers to you
  2. A strong sales presence where you go out and look for ideal clients and see if you can help them
  3. A combination program where a commitment is made to both 1 and 2 working together to find more of the people that have an interest in you, your company, and how you do business?

Of course, the answer is number 3.

I’m sure that many people are saying that investing in both marketing and sales is expensive and while it could be, budgeting properly and executing a good plan within your budget can yield some incredible results. The sales piece makes the marketing more effective and the marketing makes the sales more effective…and ultimately, isn’t that what we all want.

In 2009, Randolph Sterling, Inc. developed partnership agreements with marketing firms with different areas of expertise so that we can better offer a full solution to our ideal clients. We look forward to continuing those relationships in 2010 and continuing to grow as we help more and more companies find more of their ideal clients


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3 Responses to “Marketing or Sales? The Good Companies Do Both!”

  1. dn Says:

    I couldn’t agree more

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    […] realized that there was no “magic bullet” either, so we have been doing a lot to help them find the right mix of marketing and sales to work for their team and the individuals who comprise […]

  3. Hot Sales Strategies Says:

    […] Sales and marketing have always had a close relationship, often like brothers and sisters: sometimes they fight, other times they try to ignore that the other exists, but they always work better when respecting what the other brings to the table so they can work together. […]

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