Closing the Deal on the Go: A Few Quick Tips for Winning at Phone Tag

Phone tag is worse than ever these days. We use voicemail to reduce human error, but in doing so we reduce human contact.

Making things more difficult, many companies now use an automated list of options that do not always include a live person to talk to who can provide such information as a person’s schedule or whereabouts.

To help, here a few quick tips to help you win at phone tag.

  • Make high priority calls early.
  • If you do no reach the person you are trying to contact, leave a message that requires a specific response.
  • Leave a concise reason for your call with your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you.
  • When the call is returned, try to take it, even if you are busy.
  • Keep track of calls owed and expected.

This post is based on material originally published in Closing the Deal.

For more information on Closing the Deal, check it out on Amazon.

(Burghgraef, Richard. Closing the Deal: Hot Sales Strategies that Make Money. Encouragement Press. Illinois: Chicago. 2007)


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