February Fury Hits the Midwest: What a Strange Day It Has Been!

Usually I try to keep my blog posts and articles as much about business as I can, but for this, I will take a little deviation and tell you about the last couple days or so in dealing with the February Fury Snowstorm, which hit Chicago.

Tuesday is basketball night in the winter, so I hoped that we would not be cancelled. It has been a stressful (in a good way) last few weeks, and I really needed to take a break and blow off some steam. I left Mt. Prospect, Illinois at about 3:30 to get to a meeting in Evanston at 4:30, figuring that the normal 30 minute drive would probably take a while longer. I was amazed by how great the streets were! The plow and salt trucks must have been out early because the roads were nothing more than a bit wet, which made for a pretty easy drive since most normal people were home.

I left my meeting in Evanston at about 5:30 and had a few minutes before basketball to go and get some gas. I’ll admit it, I’m usually I pretty fast driver but today I had plenty of time, the snow had been falling steadily all day, and apparently the snow and salt trucks I praised before had gone home for dinner, so I was moving very slow. I made a very slow and easy left turn after stopping at a light and the rear of my car decided it wanted to continue to go, so I ended up doing about a 90 degree spin.

Undaunted, I got to the gas station and then to the basketball court where 9 other crazy people were ready to play two hours of basketball. We had three great games, although the team I was on happened to lose all of them. After 3 long games and about 2 hours of basketball, it was time to head home. I figured I would take the highway as it was most likely better driving than side streets back to Mt. Prospect.

I drive an Acura…not too bad in the snow, but you would think an 18 wheel truck with a full load would have even better traction. We are driving about 30 mph on Chicago’s Kennedy expressway when the truck about 10 car lengths in front of me decides to drop down to 20. I tap on my breaks but yet again, my back end wants to go faster (in its defense, my car is usually not going that slow so it may have been confused) and I start to spin out! Luckily there were no cars near me and I was safely in the middle lane so no harm was done other than to my driving ego. I made it home, happy that I could stay in until the next morning when I would have to shovel out my driveway to get to client meetings.

Now it gets really strange…I woke up ready to shovel my driveway only to see that someone—I have no idea who–plowed my driveway for me. I still had to shovel out my walkways and the snow that was up against my garage (we got around a foot of snow here in Chicagoland, most of which was now packed up against my garage door!) so I grabbed my snow shovel and started shoveling.

A few things you need to know about this next part. (1) It is 7:00 AM so I’m not completely awake yet. (2) I usually leave my snow shovels by the front and back doors so if it snows overnight, I don’t have to trudge in the snow to get the shovel out of the garage. (3) Last year, toward the end of the snow season, someone took my shovel from beside my front door, so this year I bought myself a new one.

As I was shoveling, I’m noticing something is different. Then it hit me. I realized that this was not my new shovel (which is red) but it is my old shovel (which is gray and black!) Now the new one is gone but the old one is back…what the hell? Apparently somebody plowed my driveway and then returned my old snow shovel (and yes, I am 99% certain that it is my old shovel) but then took the new one I bought this past fall.

While I am very grateful to whomever plowed my driveway, I am still completely confused about the whole shovel situation. Is the cost of getting your snow plowed that you get entered into this game of musical shovels? Where is my new shovel now? If I take the old shovel that is by my back door and move it to the front, can I trade it in for the new one?

The real question is…can someone just buy my house—I’ll even throw in whatever shovel I currently have–so I can move to the North Carolina office so I don’t have these issues anymore?


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