Closing the Deal on the Go: What Do You Do When Your Loyal Buyer Leaves?

Maybe there was a merger or acquisition. Perhaps there was some restructuring.  Maybe your loyal buyer took another job for twice the pay. Regardless, he is no longer with the company you do business with. Someone is there in his place. There’s a chance this new person will wish to continue doing business with you. There’s also a chance he will want to leave his mark on everything he touches, and that keeping his predecessor’s supplier is not part of that equation.

What do you do?

Keep your reaction low-key. Don’t act surprised or disconcerted. Congratulate your buyer’s replacement. Wish him luck, and work at establishing to him the worth of your business relationship.

Stick to business history. Focus on your relationship with his company, not your relationship with his predecessor.

Get the new person comfortable and work at establishing a relationship with him.

Keep your lines to the influencers open. The influencers are the users of your product. If they like what you have to offer, they may let the new buyer know.

If you lose the company’s business, try to hold on to some of it, because even as a backup supplier, you can watch for openings back into a major role.

Keep selling quality. Sometimes a competitor will try to undercut you by selling a lower quality product at a lower price. If you lose business to such a competitor, but you maintain some role, you will be nearby if and when the bargain vendor trips up, either with their lower quality product, or while trying to continue to make a profit while selling at the lower price.

This post is based on material originally published in Closing the Deal.

For more information on Closing the Deal, check it out on Amazon.

(Burghgraef, Richard. Closing the Deal: Hot Sales Strategies that Make Money. Encouragement Press. Illinois: Chicago. 2007)


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