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Closing the Deal on the Go

September 2, 2009

A couple years ago I wrote the book Closing the Deal with the intention of helping sales people break out of their routines, refocus their attention, sharpen their skills, reenergize their personal selling, and make the numbers they need to meet their sales goals, make a profit for their company, and put money in their pocket.

The method for doing this that I proposed was what I like to call the Richard Burghgraef Four Step Sales Process, or the Four Ps:

1) Looking for quality and qualified Prospects

2) Developing targeted Presentations

3) Seeing oneself as a Partner with one’s clients

4) Pulling the trigger (or Closing the Deal)

Although I highly recommend picking up a copy of the original book and reading through it for your benefit, for those who simply do not have the time, I am adding a new section to my blog in which I will post helpful lists and summaries of major concepts from Closing the Deal, as well as the occasional excerpt.

For more information on Closing the Deal, check it out on Amazon.

(Burghgraef, Richard. Closing the Deal: Hot Sales Strategies that Make Money. Encouragement Press. Illinois: Chicago. 2007)


My Blog

July 26, 2009

I have more than seventeen years experience in the sales industry, both in the trenches as a salesperson, and as a manager, consultant, and business coach. During that time I have worked with both major corporations and smaller and mid sized businesses. Through my blog I hope to share what I have learned over the years, and let my experience work for you by helping you reach your sales goals and put money in your pocket.