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…and the Oscar Goes To….5 Years as a Vistage Member

March 8, 2010

Last Wednesday I attended my monthly Vistage meeting. For those of you unfamiliar with Vistage, it is a peer advisory group for CEOs of similar sized companies. We discuss issues that are going on in our respective businesses. Sometimes you are the teacher, explaining how you handled a particular growth issue and sometimes you are the student, learning from what others did to solve a similar problem.

Wednesday’s meeting marked my five year anniversary as a member of Vistage. Upon my arrival to the meeting, our chair, Clay Garner, presented me with what looked a lot like a show box and asked me to open it in front of the group. Inside was my reward for 5 years of sharing my growth, challenges, issues, concerns, ideas, etc. with this wonderful group: a beautiful–and very heavy I might add–crystal award engraved with the following: “In Recognition of Richard Burghgraef. Honoring Your Commitment to Growth. Member Since 2005.”

Upon receiving this award, I felt a little like the winner of an Oscar…they like what I have to say, they really like what I have to say!

I have found the Vistage experience to be wonderful for me as I have grown Randolph Sterling over the last 7 years. During what has been the most difficult economic times in my lifetime and some would argue in history, we have not only held our own but have continued to grow. As we start to break out of this economic downturn, we are poised to continue to help more and more people implement strategies to their sales process that result in increased revenue and profitability due to some of the many lessons I have learned as a member of Vistage.

It was my Vistage experience, and my Vistage chair who inspired me to start our SAM Peer Advisory Groups and allow us to help salespeople, the lifeblood of growth to many if not all companies, learn form each other. Vistage also helped me to make decisions about my company that increased cash flow, morale, and productivity. Now if I can just get them to help me sell my house and maybe take a vacation!

Thank you Vistage and my Vistage colleagues for 5 great years!